Friday, August 15, 2014

Spotcheck/Triggers in SecuROM.

Spotcheck/Triggers are what the developer of SecuROM, Robert Yates, calls the piece of code which is responsible for altering the game if tampering of any kind is detected.

Altering like making the final boss in Crysis 3 invincible, or making the ball in Fifa 14 unusually large. These are not bugs/glitches, they are intentional. They are, however not always caused by tampering with the game, but sometimes because of an installation gone wrong with the game, and usually a reinstall should resolve this. Worst case scenario, it's because of some piece of malware running on the system.

Once I was able to run the game under a debugger, it would suddenly get terminated after a while. I identified two threads that were responsible for this and brutally killed them, this didn't affect the game and it was no longer being terminated.

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