Saturday, February 6, 2016

3DM will stop cracking for a whole year!

In a surprise announcement, 3DM cracking group have said that they will stop cracking single-player games under the pretext that they want to see if sales of games increase.

Why did I say pretext? Remember they last said they had difficulty cracking the latest iteration of Denuvo? As of now I propose either of the following reasons:

  1. 3DM cannot crack Denuvo and want to work on it for the next year. This sounds more plausible. They might even drop out of the scene completely, only to re-emerge years later when things around Denuvo had quieted down.
  2. They are genuinely doing this for the stated reason.
  3. They have come to an understanding with Denuvo GmbH/VMProtect to cease their activities for now.

More on this here.