Thursday, March 17, 2016

For those of you that have time to spare.

As we have more or less shifted to x64, we find ourselves in need of new tools, in this case, free debuggers. I don't think we will ever see Olly64 come to fruit, the developer has not posted any updates in years, so with that in mind, I urge those that have the time and like to contribute to open source projects, to check out x64dbg, it has the potential to replace Olly, both 32 and 64-bit. Unfortunately, the devs need help, there's like only 2-3 active contributors, and lots of features are missing from the debugger to make it more useful.
It comes with the Snowman decompiler built-in, although I've found it to be less than accurate. There are also plans to have graphs, just like IDA, but so far nobody has come forth to contribute.

With your contributions, you will be indirectly helping in defeating future and current x64 protections(one being Denuvo/VMProtect). Of course, if you loathe piracy, then the other reason is malware research.

Addendum: You can also join the development channel on

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