Friday, June 6, 2014

Regarding EADRM in general.

So while I was writing my Crysis 2 articles, I found out something, the OEP for what I can assume is every game released in the past few years via Origin, is stored in the actual .exe, near the end of the file, just after the four characters IREW(all capital), as in the 4 bytes after IREW is the OEP. So writing those down, adding to them the image base(and working out any relocation that might happen), you are at OEP, you put a HW breakpoint for instance on execution on the OEP, once you break you can just dump, all that's left is to fix imports.

That said, Crysis 2 was easy as pie to unpack, but Crysis 3 after unpacking has another layer of protection, this time much more advanced for the average joe(aka me) to unpack. Robert Yates, the guy who cracked SecuROM a while back told me that Crysis 3 uses an older version of SecuROM, obviously not that old, probably 8.X.
For now, SecuROM is beyond me.

Addendum: Fixed typo, it was IREW and not IWER.

Update 8d/2m/2016. The information above is no longer relevant, Origin have updated their DRM.

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