Friday, June 6, 2014

SecuROM is a tough beast.

I've been battling the protection of Crysis 3 for 3 days straight, no progress whatsoever. I have olly loaded up with many different anti anti-debug plugins and none of them seem to work against SecuROM.

[8/6/2014] A small edit to clarify if it wasn't clear, I removed the EADRM protection, it was easy as pie, but at the OEP where I would've expected Crysis 3's code to start I ended up with the SecuROM code.

RELOADED/SKiDROW, if you are reading this(and it's very likely that you aren't). Am I to understand that you never managed to beat SecuROM in Crysis 3? Because SecuROM is still there in your cracks and you only exploit the license manager to make the game work.
Sorry, my ego got the best of me.

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