Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alice Madness Returns, disappointed...

Well, I am shocked, in all my time I have never seen such a sloppy job.

I downloaded the RELOADED release of the game, expecting the game to work, waited for a while for the game to install, only to be greeted by the message "Failed to find default engine .ini file" upon launching the game. I said to myself, its ok , it happens. I tried desperately to fix the issue for half an hour, to no avail.

Then I deemed the release of RELOADED just plain bad, but the madness returns!!
I downloaded the skidrow release, surprise surprise, all missing files were there, I launch the game, greeted by the skidrow logo, then...a crash in kernelbase.dll.

But the madness did not end there, I then started to search for a working crack, I tried a RELOADED crackfix, so far so good, until I actually try to launch it, this time the game did not crash, instead I am greeted with a box saying "The game has been modified or tampered with".
Ridiculous, simply madness, but hey it didn't end there, I downloaded the Theta crackfix, I launch it, bam, crash in kernelbase.DLL.

After wasting over an hour trying to make the game run, I finally gave up.
I have never ever seen such a sloppy attempt to crack a game. It isn't even a crack, but "crac", as its incomplete.

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