Thursday, September 11, 2014

RtlUserThreadStart modification.

And back to SecuROM folks. Two days ago I stumbled on some stuff by accident. Turns out, SecuROM modifies the IAT of some modules(predetermined I believe) during runtime, and replaces pointers to various kernel routines such as CreateThread,LoadLibraryExA,LoadlibraryExW,LoadLibraryW to its own obfuscated routines, this in several modules.
I wrote my own tool to repatch back to the old routines. It worked fine after I patched back the old pointers, with the exception of RtlUserThreadStart, securom gets the address of this routine(via GetProcAddress, not in IAT of any module), and modifies this jump at RtlUserThreadStart+0x8, to point to a trampoline jump in a codecave in ntdll.dll, and then another jump back into securom code. If this code is not executed, securom cannot continue, it just waits.

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