Friday, November 7, 2014

FIFA15 and the new DRM Denuvo

So at first I speculated it had SecuROM, just like FIFA14, but then we(when I say "we" I do mean the internet) find out it has a new DRM called Denuvo and this is why there is no crack yet, it's new and it will take time for it to be studied and bypassed, and maybe the rather low chance of there being no crack at all.
It took me 30 days just to run SecuROM under a debugger, so it's not unlikely the same thing to happen with a new DRM.

I've no idea what Denuvo employs, frankly I do not care, but if it gains traction and remains uncracked, things will get "interesting".

To say this in simple words, there is no crack yet, any crack you do find googling will likely turn out to be a virus.

Addendum: The upcoming GTA V game will also use this DRM. Seems like GTA V will not use Denuvo afterall,

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