Sunday, November 16, 2014

More games to use the new Denuvo DRM

Dragon Age Inquisition.
Lords of the Fallen.

And as a reminder, no there is no crack yet for FIFA15, thus there will be no crack for either of these games, till Denuvo has been researched and defeated, if at all.

Also, I have no ETA on cracks, I am not affiliated with scene groups, I am just a guy that likes RE as a hobby, but I find this protection a pain in the ass already, even though I've never worked with it.


  1. If you write "if at all", please read more into computers and their architecture.

    1. I wrote "if at all" as there is always the small chance that some protection cannot be defeated.
      Also, if you have not noticed, this blog is about reverse engineering, so I know sufficiently enough about computers "and their architecture".

    2. I think he's trying to say that if you knew more about computers and their architecture then you would no that by their very nature any software protection running on them CAN be defeated. Dudes trolling anyway, his comment was not constructive.
      If some protection 'appeared' to be 'impossible' to defeat, then it would just mean that it is extremely improbable that anyone could defeat it that protection.
      Anywho, hope someone cracks it (sure as hell won't be a high level language programmer like me)!