Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I have managed to figure out the Crysis 3 PAK file decryption process

The reason I was absent from the blog was because I was working on decrypting the PAK files, I am more or less nearly done. Working on them taught me some things, the ZIP file format, working with Intel's PIN, working with libtomcrypt and slightly less about crypto.

Now, a little bit about the encrypted PAK files. They are essentially zip files, however their Central Directory is encrypted, while the End of central directory left intact in order to locate the CDR. The local file headers which also describe the files are broken, and some fields from ZIP file structure have been either reused or obfuscated on purpose, for instance the compression field in the Central Directory entry(one CDR means one structure describing a file) was set to either 13 or 14(which have specific meaning for the pak files), but they are not correct, the files are compressed with DEFLATE, this is method 8, not 13 or 14. The CDR also has a field, the relative offset to the Local File Header structure, this structure, or rather, after it, is where the compressed file resides, only that it too is encrypted, so it must be decrypted before decompressed.
The CDR is encrypted with a Blowfish cipher, the blowfish keys as well as the IVs(Initialization Vector) are encrypted with an RSA key available on the internet, but while I took advantage of this, I also found out where the key is stored, address 0x3B9ADFD4.

A member of the Xentax forum who had previously decrypted the files, has helped me with some snippets of code, however much of the decryption process I have figured out myself by digging into the ASM for days and then writing my (ugly) code. I just wanted to lay this out, I have taken what help he has offered, but this doesn't mean I did nothing.

Now, after writing the decryption code for the CDR, rebuilding the local file headers, appending the EOCD, I have a (mostly) working archive, all that is left to decrypt the compressed file.
And finished. I have officially written a decrypter for the Crysis 3 PAK files. Source code will be published once I clean it up.

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  1. Congratulations! keep going like that, you have future in this!