Monday, February 2, 2015

Back to the Roots.

Initially this blog was about compiling stuff for Windows, then I turned it into a RE blog, but today I plan to go back to the roots and post some stuff about compilation.

The goal was to cross-compile MySQL from Linux x86_64 to Android, ARM-v7a. But there are a few problems here.
1.) Google's NDK offers a very slimmed-down version of GCC and they provide their own standard C library called Bionic which is missing a ton of stuff, widechar support being one of them among many missing headers.
2.) The Crystax NDK does not add these missing headers, so the only option left was to compile my own GCC with GLIBC. I did that nearly 2 years ago with crosstool-ng and have successfully compiled php like that(but not with all features).
3.) Some targets built by the CMake system have to be run, this isn't possible when cross-compiling, so you need to first build MySQL for the host, and then gather the tools you need further increasing the complexity of the task of compiling MySQL for Android.
4.) Static linking of GLIBC, this is the most important part, as it needs to be set  in the CMAKE_C_FLAGS before you build(and it takes a while)

Needless to say I managed to compile it, with default features, but I forgot to statically link GLIBC, and mysql did not run.

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